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Kaskal 19 (2022)

336 pp.
Euro 85,00


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Piotr Steinkeller, On Prostitutes, Midwives and Tavern-Keepers in Third Millennium BC Babylonia
Noemi Borrelli,
An Early Old Babylonian Tablet from the Carugo Collection and a Few Remarks on the Role of the šuš3 Officials
Ludovico Portuese
, A Gender-Centered Perspective on Manners and Etiquette for Understanding the Historical Role of the Assyrian Queen
Kathleen Abraham – Peter Zilberg,
A Bird-Keeping Agreement from Šā\ir
Paola Corò
, The “Property of Anu”. Exploring the Make-Up of the Temple Property and its Management in Hellenistic Uruk
Wayne Horowitz
, Some Thoughts on I##ūru Šikinšu, “The Bird Whose Nature Is” (BM 66611)
Enrique Jiménez
et al., From the Electronic Babylonian Literature Lab 25–35
Francesco Sironi – Maurizio Viano,
Šiduri and Thetis: A Note on Two Parallel Scenes (Gilgameš OB VA + VB iii and Hom. Il. XXIV 120-132)
Daniel Schwemer
, Additional Anti-Witchcraft Texts I (Maqlû)
Daniel Schwemer
, Additional Anti-Witchcraft Texts II (CMAwR)
Daryn Graham,
Septimius Severus, the Parthian Empire, and the East under Rome’s Aegis
Youngjae Lee,
Revisiting Tu-ta-ti and an Edition of an Unpublished Exemplar
beRNARDO URBANI - Marcos such-gutiérrez, The Tablilla de Caracas: A New Tablet from Umma Concerning Reeds; With Historical Comments on Its Arrival in Venezuela

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Kaskal 18 (2021)

400 pp.
Euro 90,00


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Bieke Mahieu, The Relative Chronology of the Presargonic Period in the King Lists

Erica Scarpa, All the King’s Sons: The Role and Tasks of the dumu-nita en at Ebla (Syria, 24th Cent. BCE)

Og¡uz Soysal, Kleine Beiträge Zu Den Unpublizierten Bo-Texten (I) Die Klageschrift Eines Althethitischen Königs (Bo 6109)

Maynard P. Maidman, “This Tablet is Nuzi’s”: Towers, Gates, and Preparations for War

Carlo Zaccagnini, Pairs of Horses and Single Horses at Nuzi

Juan-Pablo Vita, The Hittites in the Administrative Texts of Ugarit

Rasmus Johan Aarslev, Fifteen Neo-Babylonian and Achaemenid Cuneiform Tablets from The National Museum of Denmark

Enrique Jiménez et al., From the Electronic Babylonian Literature Lab 16–24

Valerio Pisaniello – Federico Giusfredi, Anatolian Glosses in the Akkadian “Medizinischen Omina”

Jeanette C. Fincke, The Appearance of Birds (BM 66611)

Papers presented within the framework of the Project “SHABO. Shaping Boundaries. Ethnicity and Geography  in the Eastern Mediterranean Area (First Millennium BC)”

Simonetta Ponchia, Scenarios of Aegean and Greek Presence in the Near East and Identity Construction: A Perspective from the Early Iron Age Syro-Anatolian Sources

Silvia Gabrieli, Borders, Routes, and Contacts between Mesopotamia and Anatolia: Some Considerations on the Role of Cilicia under the Assyrian Empire

Fabrizio Gaetano, Border Interactions in Asia Minor: The Lydian Case and the Trojan Case

Luisa Prandi, The Thracian Bosporus between Europe and Asia in Fact and Fiction (II/I Millennium BC)

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Kaskal 17 (2020)

328 pp.
Euro 85,00


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NOEMI BORRELLI, The Central State and the Provincial Authorities in Late Third Millennium Babylonia: Badari and the Governors of Ĝirsu/Lagaš
ORAM COHEN, Who’s Who in the “House of Ur-Meme”. Reconfiguring Old Babylon Literature and Ur III Historical Sources
ETH RICHARDSON, The Origin of Foreign Slaves in the Late Old Babylonian Period
VA VON DASSOW, Liberty and Duty in Late Bronze Age States
IULIA TORRI, On the Social Role of the Hittite ~ilammi- and ~ilammatti-workers in Light of Cuneiform Sources
ARLO ZACCAGNINI, Pomp and Circumstance at Nuzi, on the Eve of the End
ICLA DE ZORZI, News on Enūma Anu Enlil 47 and its Nuzi Forerunner
ILAD ITACH, A Response to N. Na’aman: A Recently Unearthed Assyrian Road Station (bīt mardīti) near Tel Aphek
NRIQUE JIMENEZ et al., From the Electronic Babylonian Literature Lab


LISA POPOVA – BENJAMIN R. FOSTER, Six American Women Scholars in Ancient Near Eastern Studies, 1900-1945
PAOLA CORÒ – STEFANIA ERMIDORO, “Firing Holes”: New Perspectives on an Old Question

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Kaskal 16 (2019)

484 pp.
Euro 95,00


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Bieke Mahieu, The Synchronisation within and between the Dynasties of Akkad, Uruk IV, and Gutium

Jan Gerrit Dercksen, New Fragments and Joins to Published Emar Tablets

Livio Warbinek, Was the Hittite munusENSI a Dream Interpretress?

Enrique Jiménez et al., From the Electronic Babylonian Literature Lab 1–7

Jeanette C. Fincke, Additions to Already Edited Enu¤ma Anu Enlil (EAE) Tablets, Part VI: the Lunar Eclipse Omen
from Tablets 21-22 Published by Rochberg-Halton in Afo Beih 22

Nadav Na’aman, A Recently Unearthed Assyrian Road Station (Bît Mardîti) Near Tel Aphek

Jay Crisostomo, Creating Proverbs: The Listing Scholarship of the Sumerian Proverbs Collecions

Nicla De Zorzi, Literature as Scholarship: Some Reflections on Repetition with Variation and the Construction of Meaning in the šamaš Hymn 112-117

Céline Debourse, Debita Reverentia: Understanding Royal Humiliation in the New Year’s Festival Texts

Uri Gabbay, The Production and Transmission of Sumerian Emesal Litanies in Their Historical and Cultic Contexts

Ulla Koch, Principles of Astrological Omen Composition - Some Challenges or Reverse Engeneering the Astrological Hermeneutics

Judith Pfitzner, The Use of ELLUM, EBBUM, and NAMRUM in the Sign List Diri

Abraham Winitzer, History as Scholarship in the Early Babylonian Divination Literature (Part 1)

Szilvia Sövegjártó, What Does the Fox Say? Considerations on the Character Type of the Fox in the Sumerian Literature

Beatrice Baragli, Abracadabra Incantations: Nonsense or Healing Therapies?

Alexander Johannes Edmonds, On the Trail of Na’id-šîHU

Sophus Helle, A Literary Heritage: Authorship in the Neo-Assyrian Period

Ellie Bennett, “I am a Man”: Masculinities in the Titulary of the Neo-Assyrian Kings in the Royal Inscriptions

Angelika Kellner, Kings, Officials and Priestesses, Chronographic Lists as Cornerstones of Chronology in Greece and in the Neo-Assyrian Empire

Shana Zaia, All that Glitters: Gold in the Royal Ideology of the Neo-Assyrian Empire

Saki Kikuchi, Hemerologies and their Transmission in Ancient Mesopotamia: the Case of Hemerologies for the Seventh Month  

Gioele Zisa, Going, Returning, Rising: the Movement of the Organs in the Mesopotamian Anatomy

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Kaskal 15  (2018)

240 pp.
Euro 85,00


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Massimo Maiocchi – Manuel Molina, Pre-Ur III Administrative Cuneiform Tablets in the British Museum.

                I. Texts from the Archives or Gudea’s Dynasty

Maurizio Viano, Continuity and Change in the @azannu Office at Emar

Claudia Posani, What is Meant by “Evil” in Tell Ahmar 1?

Zoltán Niederreiter, Bead (Neck Stone) of Aššur-Iddin, Palace Herald of Shalmaneser, King of Assyria

Carolina López-Ruiz – Fumi Karahashi – Marcus Ziemann, They who saw the Deeop: Achilles, Gilgamesh and the Underworld

Proceedings of the workshop “Feasting and Festivals in Ancient Mesopotamia” (Center for Advanced Studies, LMU Munich, 11-12 May 2017)                     

Elisa Rossberger, What’s inside this Jar? Actual and Iconic Use of Vessels in Early Mesopotamia

Claudia E. Suter, Feasting and Elite Women in Early Mesopotamia: a Contribution from the Visual Record

Maria Vittoria Tonietti, Music, a Central Aspect of Religious and Secular Festivals: Information from the Ebla Archives

Walther Sallaberger, Festival Provisions in Early Bronze Age Mesopotamia

Evelyn Kutzer, Musical Performances in the Contest of Feasting and Festivals in Mesopotamia in the 3rd Millennium BCE

Anne Löhnert, Feasts and Festivals According to the Texts from the Palace Buildings in Nuzi

Beate Pongratz-Leisten, The Social World of Assyrian State Rituals

Kozad Ahmed, Feasts and Festivals in Kurdistan, Past and Present


Daniele Morandi Bonacossi – Cristina Tonghini, The Many Facets of Heritage Destruction in Iraq  

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Kaskal 14 (2017)

224 pp.
Euro 65,00


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Eduardo Torrecilla, Divine Names in the Tall Hadidi/Azû Texts

Scott B. Noegel, On the Wings of the Winds: Towards an Understanding of Winged Mischwesen
in the Ancient Near East

Jeanette C. Fincke, Additions to already Edited Enūma Anu Enlil (EAE) Tablets, Part V: the Lunar Eclipse Omens from Tablet 20 Published by Rochberg-Halton in AfO Beih 22 with an excursus on šurinnu (šu.nir)

Benjamin Dewar, Sitting on Top of the World: the Structure and Narrative of the Throne-Base Inscriptions of Ashurnasirpal II and Shalmaneser III

Yigal Bloch, From Horse Trainers to Dependent Workers: The šušānu Class in the Late Babylonian Period with a Special Focus on Āl-Yā~ūdu Tablets

Papers Presented at the VIU 2015-2016 Seminar in the Humanities on “Literature and Culture in the Ancient Mediterranean: Greece, Rome and the Near East”

Foreword by L. Milano

Armando Bramanti, The Scepter (ĝidru) in Early Mesopotamian Written Sources

Gina Konstantopoulos, Through the Guts of a Beggar: Power, Authority, and the King in Old Babylonian Proverbs

Aino Hätinen, “I Am a Fully Laden Boat!” A Mesopotamian Metaphor Revisited

Maddalena Rumor, There’s No Fool Like an Old Fool: The Mesopotamian Aluzinnu and its Relationship to the Greek alazÛn


Sophus Helle, Babylonian Perspectives on the Uncertainty of Death: Sb Gilgamesh X 301-321 

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Kaskal 13 (2016)

224 pp.
Euro 65,00


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Fumi Karahashi - Agnès Garcia-Ventura, Overseers of Textile Workers in Presargonic Lagash
Carlo Zaccagnini,
The last parades of the King of Nuzi
Yoram Cohen – Maurizio Viano,
A Land-grant Document from Emar: A (Re-)edition and Discussion of LN-104 (aka Gs-Kutscher 6)
Dijkstra, The itkalzi-Ritual: New Joins and Duplicates from Hattuša
Jeanette C. Fincke,
Additions to Already Edited Enūma Anu Enlil (EAE) Tablets, Part IV: the Lunar Eclipse Omens from Tablets 15–19 Published by Rochberg-Halten in AfO Beih 22
Kristin Kleber,
Arabian Gold in Babylonia
Stefania Ermidoro,
New Data on the Babylonian Hydraulic Landscape: An Update to the Répertoire Géographique des Textes Cunéiformes Vol. 8
Mary Frazer,
An Elementary Late Babylonian Scribal Exercise Featuring Nazi-Maruttaš
Birgit Gufler,
Deiokes, Ekbatana und das Land der Meder
Rocío Da Riva,
Il re Nabopolassar, la storiografia classica e la leggenda sulla distruzione dell’Assiria

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Kaskal 12 (2015)
544 pp.
Euro 110,00


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Annunziata Rositani, Some Old Babylonian Dockets Dealing with Sheep and Goats
Maynard P. Maidmanm,
JEN 800-833: The Text Editions
Elena Devecchi,
Missing Treaties of the Hittites
Carolina Ferrandi,
The Ritual of Palliya, King of Kizzuwatna (cth 475). Some Addenda to its Textual Reconstruction
Michele Cammarosano
, Foreign Gods in Hatti. A New Edition of CTH 510
Simona Lamante - Jürgen Lorenz,
KUB 27.68+ ein Inventar zum Kult von Nerik
Jeanette C. Fincke,
Additions to Already Edited Enūma Anu Enlil (EAE) Tablets, Part III: A New Copy from Babylonia for the Tablet on Planets (MUL.UDU.IDIM) of the Omen Series
Claudia Posani,
Osservazioni sull’uso dei nomi propri scribali nelle iscrizioni reali neo-ittite
Marc Van De Mieroop,
Metaphors of Massacre in Assyrian Royal Inscriptions
Silvia Salin,
When Disease “Touches”, “Hits”, or “Seizes” in Assyro-Babylonian Medicine
Kristián Simkó,
On the Meaning and Cultural Setting of the Phrase lā kišitti šamme
Tim Clayden - Bernhard Schneider,
Assurbanipal and the Ziggurat at Nippur
Katsuji Sano
, Die den Assyrerkönigen übersandten ausländischen Frauen mit Mitgift in Neuassyrischer Zeit
Armando Bramanti,
Another Brick in Nebuchadnezzar’s Wall. A Catalogue of the Cuneiform Texts in the Collections of the National Museum of Oriental Art in Rome
Olga V. Popova
, The Royal Family and its Territorial Implantation during the Neo-Babylonian Period
Julien Monerie
, More than a Workman? The Case of the ēpeš dulli tīdi ša bīt ilāni from Hellenistic Uruk
Papers Presented at the VIU 2013-2014 Seminar in the Humanities on “Literature and Culture in the Ancient Mediterranean: Greece, Rome and the Near East”

Foreword by L. Milano

Ainsley Hawthorn,
“You Are Just Like Me”: The Motif of the Double in the Epic of Gilgamesh and the Agushaya Poem
Simone Pittl
, Some Considerations on Disabled People in the Sumerian Myth of Enki and Ninmah
Selene Wisnom
, Stress Patterns in Enūma Eliš – a Comparative Study
Patrick Michel
, élites mésopotamiennes et idéologie séleucide : Considérations sur la pratique de l’évergétisme et du culte royal
M. Willis Monroe
, Organizational Structure of Knowledge in Cuneiform Sources

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Kaskal 11 (2014)

196 pp.
Euro 60,00


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Ran Zadok, Hīt in Sūhu
Stefano Seminara,
Leichenhügel und Zauberkreise: Die gestaltende Kraft der Sprache in den Königsinschriften Ur-Nanšes
Gianni Marchesi,
From Sumerian Grammar to Tilmun’s Taxes: Interpreting é kar-ra kalam-ma-ka in the Enki and Ninsikila Myth
Josué J. Justel,
Women and Family in the Legal Documentation of Emar (With Additional Data from Other Late Bronze Age Syrian Archives)
Amir Gilan, The Hittite Offering Lists of Deceased Kings and Related Texts (CTH 610-611) as Historical Sources
Jeanette C. Fincke,
Additions to already Edited enūma anu enlil (EAE) Tablets, Part II: The Tablets Concerning the Appearance of the Sun Published in PIHANS 73, Part I
Terri Tanaka,
Dress and Identity in the Old Assyrian Sargon Legend
Jamie Novotny,
The Sîn-šarra-iškun Stone Block Inscription in the Aššur Site Museum: A Revised Edition and Notes on the Nabû Temple at Aššur
Stephanie Dalley,
Itineraries of Nakht-Hor and Alexander in Assyria
Paola Corò,
Identifying Women in Hellenistic Uruk: A Matter of Perspective?

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Kaskal 10 (2013)

300 pp.
Euro 85,00


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Massimo Forlanini, How to Infer Ancient Roads and Itineraries from Heterogeneous Hittite Texts: The Case of the Cilician (Kizzuwatnean) Road System

Alessandra Gilibert, Death, Amusement and the City: Civic Spectacles and the Theatre Palace of Kapara, King of Gūzāna

Reinhard Pirngruber, with a contribution by Sven Tost, Police Forces in First Millennium BC Babylonia and Beyond

Jeanette C. Fincke, Additions to the Venus Tablets of the Omen Series enūma anu enlil (EAE) Published in BPO 3 as Group F

Giulia Tonon, La costituzione del dominio lagide in Egitto: il caso di Tolomeo Soter

The Hurrian Texts from Ortaköy/Šapinuwa

Forward by Aygül Süel

Stefano de Martino – Leyla Murat – Aygül Süel, The Eleventh Tablet of the itkalzi Ritual from Šapinuwa

Gernot Wilhelm – Aygül Süel, The Hittite Hurrian Offering Ritual for Tašmišarri Or. 97/1

Mauro Giorgieri – Leyla Murat – Aygül Süel, The kaluti-List of the Storm-god of Šapinuwa from Ortaköy (Or. 90/175) and its Parallels from Boğazköy

Papers Presented at the VIU 2011-2012 Seminar in the Humanities on “Literature and Culture in the Ancient Mediterranean: Greece, Rome and the Near East”

Forward by L. Milano

Mary Frazer, Nazi-Maruttaš in Later Mesopotamian Tradition

Violetta Cordani, What Kind of Hero? Aspects of Heroic Kingship in Hittite Literature

Enrique Jiménez,  “The Creation of the King”: A Reappraisal

Christopher Metcalf, Babylonian Perspectives on the Certainty of Death

Saana Svärd, Female Agency and Authorship in Mesopotamian Texts


Yoram Cohen, Problems in the History and Chronology of Emar  

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Kaskal 9 (2012)

252 pp.
Euro 75,00


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Laith M. Hussein, Bauplanung und Administration in altbabylonischer Zeit: Ein Tonbullen Archiv aus Tell Harmal (Šaduppûm)
Sir Gavaz
, Involving the Whereabouts of the Tahurpa City
Jürgen Lorenz – Ilknur Taş, Zwei neue Anschlüsse zu Hethitischen Beschwörungsritualen
Maria Elena Balza
, Two Cylinder Seals from Kavusan Höyük (Turkey)
Jean-Jacques Glassner
, Le devin, la droite, la gauche et la manipulation du foie de la victime
Sebastian Fink
, Die Frage nach der Gerechtigkeit Gottes im Alten Orient
Cornelia Wunsch – F. Rachel Magdalene
, A Slave is not Supposed to Wear such a Garment!
Decoding Gilgamesh
: proceedings of a conference Held on 12th-14th April 2010 at St John’s College, Cambridge:
Martin Worthington
, Introductory Note
Peter De Ville
, Gilgamesh: Some Suggestions for Literary Interpretation
A.R. George
, The Mayfly on the River Individual and Collective Destiny in the Epic of Gilgamesh
Jane Gilbert
, Repetition and the Death Drive in Gilgamesh and Medieval French Literature
Johannes Haubold
, Visualisation in Homer and Gilgamesh
Richard North
Martin Worthington, Gilgameš and Beowulf: Foundations of a Comparison
Christian Zgoll
, From Wild Being to Human to Friend Reflections on Anthropology in the Gilgamesh Epic and in Homer’s Odyssey  

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Kaskal 8 (2011)

228 pp.
Euro 70,00


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Thomas E. Balke
, Die Religiösen ‘Titel’ PA4-PA4 und NI-A-A im
Präsargonischen Onomastikon
Klaus Wagensonner, New Light on ‘Sîn-iddinam and Iškur’
Nicla De Zorzi, The omen series Shumma izbu: internal structure and hermeneutic strategies
Maynard P. Maidman,
Nuzi, the Club of the Great Powers, and the Chronology of the Fourteenth Century
Violetta Cordani, Dating The Ascension To The Throne Of Šuppiluliuma I
Itamar Singer, The Historical Context of two Tell Nebi Mend/Qadeš Letters 
Johannes Hackl, Bojana Janković, Michael Jursa, Das Briefdossier des Šumu-ukīn

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Kaskal 7 (2010)

260 pp.
Euro 75,00


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Monica Arrivabeni,
Early Bronze Age Settlement in the Tell Leilan Region: A Report on the Ceramic Material of the 1995 Survey

 Licia Romano, Who was Worshipped in the Abu Temple at Tell Asmar?

 Itzhaq Shai – Joe Uziel, The Whys and Why Nots of Writing: Literacy and Illiteracy in the Southern Levant during the Bronze Ages

Marco Marizza, La papponimia nel mondo ittita. Casi accertati e casi presunti

Papers Presented at the VIU 2008-2009 Seminar on Literature and Culture in the Ancient Mediterranean: Greece, Rome and the Near East

 Christian W. Hess, Towards the Origins of the Hymnic Epic Dialect

Martin Worthingthon, mamma(n) ... ul and Its Alternatives in Babylonian Literature

Alexa Bartelmus, Restoring the Past. A Historical Analysis of the Royal Temple Building Inscriptions from the Kassite Period 

Luisa Barbato, Rethoric of Landscape in the Assyrian Royal Inscriptions from Sargon II to Ashurbanipal

Angela R. Roskop, Deluge, War, and Dios Boulê : Making Sense of Cross-Cultural Affinities in the Biblical Flood Story


Massimiliano Marazzi, Scrittura, percezione e cultura: qualche riflessione sull’Anatolia in età ittita


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Kaskal 6 (2009)

300 pp.
Euro 85,00


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Minna Lönnqvist, Archaeological Surveys of Jebel Bishri. The Preliminary Report of the Finnish Mission to Syria, 2005-2006

Wolfgang Heimpel, Blind Workers in the Ur III Texts

Massimo Forlanini, Upper Mesopotamia in the middle of the 17th Century B.C.  according to the Hittite texts

Francesco Fuscagni, An unpublished Hittite Fragment of Evocation Ritual: 894/Z

Nicla De Zorzi, Bird Divination in Mesopotamia. New Evidence From BM 108874

Davide Nadali, Sieges and similes of Sieges in the Royal Annals: The Conquest of Damascus by Tiglath-Pileser III

Radosław Taracsewicz, Bird Breeding in Babylonian Sippar        

Stefan Zawadzki, A Document concerning Sale of an Ass from Persian Sippar


Fumi Karahashi, Argument Structure of Sumerian Verbs: Causative alternation

Frederick Mario Fales, Art, Performativity, Mimesis, Narrative, Ideology, and Audience:
Reflections on Assyrian Palace Reliefs in the light of recent studies

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Kaskal 5 (2008)

252 pp.
Euro 75,00

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Claudia E. Suter, Who are the Women in Mesopotamian Art from ca. 2334-1763 BCE?

Martin Bommas, Die verstorbenen Könige im kulturellen Gedächtnis des Alten Ägypten

Maria Emanuela Alberti, Murex shells as Raw Material: the Purple-dye industry and its By-products. Interpreting the Archaeological Record

Papers Presented at the Verona Workshop (2007) on “Administration and Ideology in the Ancient Near East”

Walther Sallaberger, Rechtsbrüche in Handel. Diplomatie und Kult ein memorandum aus Ebla über Verfehlungen Maris (ARET 13,15)

Hagan Brunke, The nakabtum. An Administrative Superstructure for the Storage and Distribution of Agricultural Products

Paola Paoletti, Elusive Silver? Evidence for the Circulation of Silver in the Ur III State

Papers Presented at the VIU 2006-2007 Seminar on “Literature and Culture in the Ancient Mediterranean: Greece, Rome and the Near East”

Jeffrey L. Cooley, Inana and Sukaletuda: a Sumerian Astral Myth

Alexandra Kleinerman, Money, Memory and Miscellany: understanding the presence of historical elites in early second millennium pedagogical composition

Giulia F. Grassi, Belshazzar’s Feast and Feats: the Last Prince of Babylon in Ancient Eastern and Western Sources

Martin Lang, Floating from Babylon to Rome. Ancient Near Eastern Flood Stories in the Mediterranean World  

Erik van Dongen, The Study of Near Eastern influences on Greece: towards the Point

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Kaskal 4 (2007)

Euro 90,00

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1 -       Anna Brustolon - Elena Rova, The Late Chalcolithic Period in the Tell Leilan Region: A Report on the Ceramic Material of the 1995 Survey

43 -     Francesca De Lillis Forrest - Lucio Milano - Lucia Mori, The Akkadian Occupation in the Northwest Area of the Tell Leilan Acropolis (with an Appendix on The Epigraphic Finds from the “Tablet Room” of the Leilan IIb3 Akkadian Building and from Later Akkadian Layers)

65 -     Elena Santagati, Girsu “Messenger Texts” Kept in the British Museum

83 -     Cristiana Molfese, Prime manifestazioni dello “stile internazionale” nel Medio Bronzo? Il caso dei sigilli e degli avori

115 -   Emanuele M. Ciampini, Two New Coffin Sides from the Tomb of Henib

121 -   Jared L. Miller, Mursili II’s Dictate to Tuppi-Teššub’s Syrian Antagonists

153 -   Marco Marizza, The office of GAL GEŠTIN in the Hittite Kingdom

181 -   Francesco Fuscagni, Una nuova interpretazione del rituale CTH 423 alla luce di tre nuovi duplicati

221 -   Gabriella Stivala, L’apporto della lingua hattica alla tradizione cultuale ittita: due casi di canti strofici

245 -   Maurizio Viano, Problemi di datazione di alcuni testi legali di Emar

261 -   Paola Corò, Again on an Achaemenid Contract from the Egibi Archive in Trieste (Italy): Collations to Inv. 138

267 -   Giulia Francesca Grassi, L’onomastica di Dura-Europos: alcune considerazioni d'insieme


297 -   Claus Ambos, Ricostruire un tempio per nuocere al re: rituali mesopotamici di fondazione, il loro posto nel culto e il loro impiego come arma politica

Kaskal 3 (2006)

284 pp.
Euro 50,00

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1 -       Elena Rova, The Eagle and the Snake. Remarks on the Iconography of Some Archaic Seals

31 -     Barbara Gilli, Le rappresentazioni dei vasi per gli oli sacri a Saqqara nella VI dinastia

69 -     Andrea Bemporad, Considerazioni sulla fine dell’impero ittita

81 -     Chicako E. Watanabe, Pictorial Narrative in Assyrian Art: The “Continuous Style” Applied to the Battle of Til-Tuba

105 -   Frederick Mario Fales, Treading the (Military, Commercial, And Cultural) Itineraries of The Ancient Near East (Udine, September 1-3, 2004) – An Introduction

109 -   Michael Porter, Iter Itinerarii

127 -   Michael P. Streck, Travels in the Ancient Near East

137 -   Christoph Gerber, “… To Find the Key” – Ein Itinerar zum Verständnis der Stratigraphie der Fürstengräber von Alaca Höyük

147 -   Massimo Forlanini, Étapes et itinéraires entre Assur et l’Anatolie des marchands paléo-assyriens: nouveaux documents et nouveaux problèmes

177 -   David Sevaliè, Les itinéraires de la communication à Mari sous le règne de Zimrî-Lîm

203 - Minna Lönnqvist, Archaeological Surveys of Jebel Bishri. The Preliminary Report of the Finnish Mission to Syria, 2000-2004

241 -   Cinzia Pappi, The Jebel Bishri in the Physical and Cultural Landscape of the Ancient Near East

257 -   Leonardo Gregoratti, Vespasiano, Marco Ulpio Traiano padre e la costituzione del limes orientale


275 -   Aage Westenholz, Does Assyriology Have a Future?

Kaskal 2 (2005)

226 pp.
Euro 50,00

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1 -       Marta Bisello, Ruolo del repertorio iconografico nei diversi generi artistici della Mesopotamia protodinastica

43 -     Massimo Maiocchi, Sul valore ponderale del siclo “DILMUN” nei testi di Ebla

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79 -     Elena Santagati, Un registro neo-sumerico di arretrati di orzo e crusca

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97 -     Markham J. Geller, Catalogue of Late Babylonian Ur Texts Excavated by Hall

101 -   David Sevalié, Mari e Hazakkanum: analisi dei rapporti politici

133 -   Marco Marizza, Un frammento ittita di difficile definizione tipologica: KUB XXIII 83

147 -   Daniela Crasso, Ankuwa in Hittite Written Sources: Preliminary Observations

159 -   Salvatore Gaspa, Schemi narrativi nelle Summary Inscriptions di Tiglatpileser III: il resoconto delle campagne babilonesi come caso di studio

199 -   Cynthia Jean, Des chiens de Ninkilim aux criquets syriaques:ou le succès d'une métaphore en Mésopotamie


209 -   Francis Joannès, L’économie et la société en Babylonie au Ier millénaire avant J.-C.  

Kaskal 1 (2004)

188 pp.
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1 -       Lucio Milano, Weight Stones from Tell Beydar / Nabada

9 -       Luca Marigliano, Creature fantastiche nell’arte mesopotamica del terzo millennio a.C.: esempi iconografici di ibridi uomo-animale

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83 -     Frederick Mario Fales, Rileggendo gli inventari di Qatna

129 -    Nicoletta Bellotto, L’adozione con matrimonio a Nuzi e a Emar

139 -    Simonetta Ponchia, Mountain Routes in Assyrian Royal Inscriptions


179 -   Aage Westenholz, How Do We Understand Ancient History,and Why Study It at All ?

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